Oct 13

Ragtag Fugitive Podcast Episode 23 Experiment In Terra

This week our awesome friend Rico Dostie from the Treks in Sci Fi Podcast joins us to look at the 22nd episode of Battlestar Galactica called “Experiment in Terra” ┬áSo get your white Colonial Uniform on and lets boogie.300px-Experiment_in_Terra

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2 Responses to Ragtag Fugitive Podcast Episode 23 Experiment In Terra

  1. Jim says:

    I was just wondering if you were going to finish the original episodes? You only have a couple more to go! Thanks for your time.

    • Adama says:

      we are planning to finish up. We had some problems scheduling the International guests and got off schedule. SO SORRY. We are planning to finish very soon. THANK you for your patience. I hope we can get it done before too many Yarens pass.

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